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  1. The Applicant should have been a practising Cinematographer for at-least Seven years and should not have retired from active cinematography. Should have filmed at-least five (5) full length productions of high calibre.

  2. Feature Films, Web series/TV Drama, Documentaries, Shorts will be considered in the above order of priority. Commercials could be considered only in exceptional circumstances.

  3. Besides demonstrating Creativity and High standards in Cinematography, the applicant should have personal integrity and a sense of responsibility towards the crew.

  4. Should be proposed by at-least 2 LIFE members of ISC. The proposing members should have been ISC LIFE Members for at-least 3 years.

  5. The first proposer should be personally acquainted with the incumbent.

  6. A detailed CV should accompany the Proposal. A ‘Reel’ representing the applicant’s work should be made available to the ‘Membership Committee.’

  7. The Membership Committee can ask the Applicant for more details or links to the work if felt necessary.

  8. The Membership Committee’s views should be passed onto the Board of Trustees of ISC. 2/3 of the Board should ratify the recommendations of the Membership Committee, for an application to be accepted.

  9. Once Accepted, the entire body of ISC LIFE Members should be informed of the List of New Members and a period of two weeks should be given for any exceptional objection to any individual.  

  10. Any applicant who does not qualify by this process to become a member, may re-apply after a period of one year, with additional work to show to his/her credit.

  11. The process of inducting new members to ISC should be an Annual event or at best, after a gap of six months. The membership committee should be given sufficient time to review the Applicant’s work and if deemed necessary to set up a meeting with the Applicant.

  12. The newly inducted members will remain Associate Members for one year. ie: without voting or nominating rights.

  13. The Associate Member Category could include members from areas related closely to Cinematography. viz: Colorists, Senior Gaffers, VFX Supervisors and Producers.

  14. Associate Members from Allied fields will not graduate to becoming Life Members with voting and other right

  15. The process for Nominating Honorary Members should be a simple. Nomination from Three (3) Life Members. An Honorary Member is nominated for his/her lifetime’s work and contribution to Indian Cinematography.

  16. The Institutional Member Category could include Manufacturers and Service Providers to the Cinematographers Community.

  17. Honorary and Institutional Members will not have any voting rights.

  18. Only LIFE Members are entitled to use the suffix ISC.

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