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In all walks of life, as with cinematography, the difference between

knowledge and wisdom is very simple.


Knowledge is acquired over years of late nights and early mornings spent

thinking through an eyepiece that will unlock a million imaginations. That same knowledge however, when it is passed on to a new generation, becomes wisdom.

Fresh young eyes and minds use this pedestal of past wisdom to discover and

make newer mistakes to learn from, reach higher and fall even harder, but always getting up stronger and wiser.

Here at the ISC, we believe a true mentorship programme for young, brave, aspiring cinematographers is the need of the hour. It is time for all our accumulated knowledge to be passed on as wisdom and in the process enrich our own vision,

through the perspective of younger thought.

The application for the ISC Mentorship Programme 2022 is closed.

The selected candidates will be informed by e-mail.

For those who aren't selected, don't worry, there's always a next time. Good luck!

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